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Six Strings of Separation (2016)


Six Strings of Separation tells the story of luthier Tom Lieber as he creates the ultimate tribute to honor the 50th Anniversary of the The Grateful Dead.

Official Selection  2016 Napa Valley film Festival

Official Selection 2017 Boulder City Film Festival

Six Strings of Separation Trailer from Robert Liano on Vimeo.

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  1. Great idea for a film, Robert! I was fortunate to see Garcia play over 100 times and am an avid collector of Grateful Dead guitars, with almost every example of Garcia and Weir’s guitars represented. The gem of the collection is the Steven Cripe guitar, called Tribute, which was being made for Jerry when he passed. I can attest to the magic all of these guitars bring to the fans. If you look at my youtube channel, search andy logan or elroy2288, you will see many examples of these guitars being played on stage and the players and audience responding to them. As a fan, I love hearing these period pieces in the hands of masters. Thomas Leiber is a great builder and Dave Hebert of JGB has recently been playing a Lieber American Beauty Classic from my collection and has enjoyed it immensely. To me, the coolest GD guitar story is Cripe. If you don’t know his story, see the Cripe Guitars website by Steve Armato and talk to Steve. Who else but Jerry Garcia would take a fan’s design, Steve Cripe’s Lightning Bolt, and not only try it, but use it as his main axe? Steve was a boatbuilder and his work found it’s way to his hero. Jerry was so fair-minded and open and thus good things flowed his way. The Cripe Tribute AKA Saturn is a stunning reminder of the magic of Jerry and the Grateful Dead. When I took possession of it, I could only do it if it would get played versus hanging on a wall. It’s been a goal to honor Steve and Jerry’s memories to see it reach it’s intended destination on stage in front of the GD community and it has been so fun to see Garcia-inspired players shred on it as was intended by its maker. I’ve also enjoyed watching fans hold it after shows and take photos with it. I also see the same magic when fans hold works other Garcia builders and from Rich Hoeg, who still builds for Weir. As you have no doubt discovered, there is a magic with the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia and these incredible works of art that can also generate art in the hands of these highly-skilled players. Alex Jordan, who plays in Midnight North, headlined by Grahame Lesh, would be a great interview for your film. In addition to being an amazing musician, Alex knows a ton about GD guitars and the gear and sonically what makes them so special to all of us fans. All the Jerry-inspired players that tour nationally would be great to talk to, such as Stu Allen, Jeff Mattson, Craig Marshall, Dave Hebert, Mik Bondy, Kenny Withrow, Adam Terrell and Marc Muller to name a few. In addition to Thomas and Rich Hoeg, there are so many additional amazing builders, Leo Elliott, Andrew Olson, Pat O’Donnell, Scott Walker, John Reuter, Robert Rusch and more all across the country making these guitars. After all the builds in my collection, I’ve worked with many of them and can share their contact information and websites with you. There are also great minds and gear builders, like Brad Sarno, Mike Wald, Glenn Goldstein and Chris Sandell that could be helpful in answering technical questions for you. I also have a ton of amazing pictures from Bob Minkin and Jay Blakesberg of these guitars being played on stage and their work could be additive. The existence of the large support for these guitars is one of many examples of the seemingly never-ending love from a scene that brings so much joy to so many of us. Good luck with this very cool project! If you need any support for it, please feel free to reach out!

    • dude. thank you for the great note. my film is a short and you’ll no doubt be disappointed in its lack of information. i got caught between wanting to tell tom’s story and tehn getting pulled into the real story of the history of jerry guitars. you could make a whole about people who bought tribute guitars. they are all so talented and inspiring and interesting. i plan on making another film about more of the history. again, thanks for reaching out. hopefully we can connect in person some time. peace, rob

      • Thanks, Rob! I totally understand how there is so much to say and only so much time! I can’t wait to see your film and am really glad about the momentum it creates for the whole scene! If you’re in the SF area, let me know and we can see a show and I can show you my GD gear. Cheers, Andy

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