Who Am I?

circa 1982

Robert Liano has been creating content for screens of all sizes for 25 years. His career began as a runner in Chicago for CBS Sports.  This opportunity set the stage for the next decade working in the high adrenaline world of live network sports television. He learned storytelling through production credits on both live and taped productions including the NCAA Final Four, Daytona 500 and The Masters. As a producer his talent has been showcased on NETLIX, Disney+, ABC, NBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel, IFC, USA Network, Fine Living and Court TV.

In 2002 his work for NBC at Olympics earned him his first Emmy award. He has since won two more including 4 nominations.

In 1998 he set out to produce, write and direct his first documentary film, a tale about the vanishing American barber titled, Barberland. The film premiered at the AFI Film Festival and is currently distributed on DVD.

It was the wisdom of the barbers in the film that inspired him to create his New York based production company, Saul Goode Entertainment, LLC. A seat in a windowsill at Saul Goode Entertainment’s headquarters in New York’s Greenwich Village provided the inspiration for, A Broad Way, the first ever-massive collaborative documentary film about Manhattan. Over 400 filmmakers took part in simultaneously documenting each of the 221 blocks that make up Broadway. The film won the award for Best Documentary at the ACE Film Festival in 2007 and is currently in contract for theatrical distribution.

In 2005 he led the production of Reebok’s ground breaking branded entertainment franchise Framed on the Independent Film Channel continuing his track record for creating innovative and engaging content.  In 2008 he developed the 20 episode docu-series MTV Hired which chronicled young people seeking their first full time job.

More recently he oversaw the production of BRAVO’s Mad Fashion, HBO’s UCONN: The March to Madness, NETFLIX’s First Team: Juventus and The Marvel Hero Project for Disney+ launching in November 2019.

Saul Goode Entertainment is currently developing two TV series and a documentary about live recorded music.


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