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Sitting in NY State Supreme Court Jury Room

I’m sitting in the jury selection room realizing that I have been a terrible blogger. My post are way too infrequent which compromises the overall integrity of the blog, I think.  Although, It has occurred to me that in order to be a really good blogger one shouldn’t have too much in your life that makes you happy. (unless of course you get paid to blog which changes everything.)  The past two months have been very exiting and rewarding for me.  Some of the highlights include a terrific trip out to California.  Some great live music like WIlco, Joseph Arthur, Dave Matthews Band and Paul Weller and two terrific documentaries Man on a Wire and Trouble the Water. I’ve also fallen in love.  Today’s is a good day to go on trial here in Manhattan because I’m in a great mood and will be happy to let you off with probation.


Summer of Inspiration…(the headphones version)

So lucky. Started when I saw the Smiths in 1986 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago but it didn’t really hit me until I saw Elton John in 1988.  I love a live music show more than anything in the world. Song writing and storytelling are distinct arts and when combined become something much more important.  performance and longevity are the inevitable difference makers the ones who can inspire, awe, out live, prove wrong but prove right in the end. I’ve seenMorrissey, Elliott Smith, Joseph Arthur, Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, U2, The Cure, The Grateful Dead,  Prince and Neil Young more than three times each.  But this summer has taken the cake in good fortune having seen Eddie Vedder, Amiee Mann, Neil Young, Bon Jovi, Radiohead, Wilco and Dave Matthews at the Greek in Berkeley (two weeks).   Radiohead was at the All Points West Festival featuring a stunning sunset, Manhattan Skyline and the Statue of Liberty not to mention Girl Talk who DJ’d a run featuring Jay-Z, Radionhead (paranoid android) and Isaac Hayes two days before he died.  I also finally saw Andrew Bird who went to high school with and blew my mind. These two shots illustrate the vibe.

Too old for singing and dancing?

What a weekend!! I was up in Saratoga, New York to see the Dave Matthews Band. I know, I’m a cheesy poser with no taste in music trying to relive my glory days following the Grateful Dead.  Kiss my ass.  I miss being able to go to a concert and feel completely happy without security concerns, ticket issues, traffic, crowds etc. This weekend was as close to the old parking lot scene as I have been to in years.  People enjoying the sun, camping, BBQs, frisbee, horse shoes and YES…whippits and veggie burritos.  Sure, I haven’t totally come to terms with being the oldest guy in the crowd but once the music started nothing mattered.  I hope everyone has a place they can go and feel as happy, smile and sing.  The concert ended with a rare cover song THANK YOU and crowd sing along ‘thank you falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’. INDEED! You can read more about the show here.