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This is the trailer for A BROAD WAY.  It’s a documentary that I created and directed a few years ago.  Basically a massive passion project that nearly killed me but also permanently changed the way I see New York City.   Hard to see which is more powerful…film or New York City?


Amazing Facebook Status

My Buddy just moved out to Colorado.  Got a 14 yo babysitter last night for his two kids.  Came home to find the babysitter making use of his guest room with some underage chick.  Amazing.

Trapeze Swinger

I have to listen to this at least once each week. In the words of Sinatra. ‘The perfect marriage of words and music.’

Great Documentary List

Last night I attended a discussion in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the DGA. On the roundtable was Alex Gibney, Errol Morris, Michael Apted, Barbara Kopple, Morgan Spurlock and Albert Maysles. The night included movie clips and extensive conversation about POV, observation, ethical questions, process and innovation in the art of documentary. Best part was the chance to assemble a viewing list of great docs. Here goes:

SALESMEN (Maysles)

Know The Enemy

Waimea Bay, 2004

In surfing it is suggested to sit and watch the ocean before paddling out.  Some guys do it to pick the best spot to ge out or to predict the swell.  The Hawaiians believe this is the way to properly show respect to the ocean.  I snapped this shot at Waimea Bay in 2004.  The waves were 20+ft high demanding the most respect.

Chavez Ravine

I was born in Burbank, CA on September 197os.  As you can imagine this was good time to be a Dodger fan.  I have fond memories of Dodger Stadium, watching Garvey, Cey, Lopes and my personal favorite – Kenny Landreaux,  Last month while in LA I snapped this pan

A Taste of Botswana

This was the first African Lion my wife and I saw  while traveling in Botswana on our Honeymoon.  I was shocked to see how close we got to him.  He was totally chill and I was terrified as it should be in nature.

The view of tourism in Africa

The Holy Land

My 13th year at The Masters and it never gets old

June 25. A sad day

We can all talk about our memories. We can debate whether he was sicko. We can put our own growth and intelligence above a sad, lost and unhealthy figure. But in the face of death. When witnessing loss forever we all share a common bond. Today I believe we all share a little responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson. When we were five years old we had to figure things out like how to finger paint. We had to earn friendships, get beat up, try to steal a sucker or sneak out of the house. Michael Jackson never did any of these things. He never had the choice or the power to make a decision for himself. His fate was decided by his parents and family as a child, by slimy managers and agents as a teen ager and by the entire world for the rest of his life. His talented gift came at a cost — not for us or his family– not for record companies or MTV. He paid the cost and didn’t know what he was missing out on. I’m not offering excuse for possible crimes or justification for erratic and unsafe behavior. I just recognize that our country, our materialistic vigor and greed and worship is a constantly evolving science experiment. To suggest we know what it can create undermines the strength that makes it so great. Michael Jackson for most of his life embodies everything that was great about our country. He was a black man that White people loved long before Tiger Woods or Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama. He was business, art and performance without ever challenging the system. There isn’t now, there has never been and there will never be a more famous or recognizable person. It was America, the public — US that made this possible. In my eyes, in the end more so than the 80’s MJ represents the best of what America offers. This was his last chance. hi final offer to get out of debt, to salvage a shred of his image, to try to learn from his mistakes and be an adult — maybe for the first time in his life. I wish he could have done it. I had tickets. I was going to see him. There is a peace in knowing that he died trying to live the American Dream of forgiveness, hard work and second chances. I pray that one day I will have the power to work myself to death in an honest effort of self respect despite what everyone thinks. RIP MJ. I’m sorry…MJ and Bubbles