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Trapeze Swinger

I have to listen to this at least once each week. In the words of Sinatra. ‘The perfect marriage of words and music.’


Slab City, CA

INTO THE WILD might be the most influential film I’ve seen since DEAD POETS SOCIETY.  I know, the book was better, blah, blah.  The film is great and yes, I too hate Sean Penn.  Without a doubt the greatest location in the film was Slab City (near Niland, CA).  Assuming that Hollywood magic was responsible for the incredible vibe in the film I set out to visit this place.  Middle of no where.  In fact, I was driving 102mph on this two lane road through desert and I got pulled over. Figuring I was heading to jail I rolled down the window ‘fake crying’ only to find out that I had been pulled over by the border patrol search ‘zone two’ for immigrants. He checked my trunk for a little old mexican lady and let me go.  It was like the twilight zone.  I made to Slab City and I was astonished to find EVERY detail the same as in the movie.  For once…not let down by Hollywood, by hippies or by the desire to be inspired.  

Life lesson number one hundred and elevendy-seven

Just because your mother recommends a book doesn’t mean that it sucks.   Seriously, after a few CS Lewis reads I had sworn off recommendations from my Mom.   Recently she gave me a book called Agent Zigzag about a double agent in World War II named Eddie Chapman.  Incredible story.  This guy went from prison to Nazi spy training to British hero and back to prison.  Read more   I’m now starting Rock On by Dan Kennedy.  

“Check mate…Mr. Echo”

Greatest line in TV history?  Probably.  Nuff said.