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Too old for singing and dancing?

What a weekend!! I was up in Saratoga, New York to see the Dave Matthews Band. I know, I’m a cheesy poser with no taste in music trying to relive my glory days following the Grateful Dead.  Kiss my ass.  I miss being able to go to a concert and feel completely happy without security concerns, ticket issues, traffic, crowds etc. This weekend was as close to the old parking lot scene as I have been to in years.  People enjoying the sun, camping, BBQs, frisbee, horse shoes and YES…whippits and veggie burritos.  Sure, I haven’t totally come to terms with being the oldest guy in the crowd but once the music started nothing mattered.  I hope everyone has a place they can go and feel as happy, smile and sing.  The concert ended with a rare cover song THANK YOU and crowd sing along ‘thank you falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’. INDEED! You can read more about the show here.


Private Air Travel, The Brew Crew and MMA

Flying commercial is torture.  Just because most of us have to do it — for work or pleasure –doesn’t make it civilized.  Imagine pulling right up to the door of an airplane without checking in, or waiting for security.  Imagine no baggage checking, no mysterious mechanical delays and absolutely no chance you have middle seat or you are sitting next to….a crying baby or way too overweight close talker or a woman applying nail polish or …. you get the picture.  Many folks fly like this….including me….today. 

Today I was fortunate enough to fly with Mets 80’s superstar Lenny Dykstra on his private jet.  We started in New York City and made our way to the home of Laverne and Shirley – Mil-wau-ka-hey, Wisconsin.  At the stunningly beautiful stadium, Miller Field, we watched His son Cutter take a tryout with the team.  Cutter is 18 years old and an sensational baseball player in addition to being a quality person. Having been around big time sports for many years I wasn’t too excited to watch prospects run through drills but I was totally mesmerized.  To see young men, athletes walk onto to as professional field for the first time — not for money, not for ego but out of respect for the opportunity.  It was one of the most authentic, genuine sports experiences I have ever had. 

As I sit in my hotel watching the first-ever prime time Ultimate Fighting match on network television (and the first match I have ever seen) I want to feel sad for sports. Those young wide eyed kids in Wisconsin performing in an empty stadium and these barbarians thrust on TV to promote violence.  

I wonder how I would feel if my next chance to fly private was with Kimbo Slice?