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Rants on bad places

The Summer of Inspiration 2008 (Part 1 of …..

Yup. The burden of blogging has beaten me again. I believed my blog was blossoming but blo and behold I’m falling behind.  I’m 36 years old and I have the confidence, wisdom and arrogance of someone who has 36 year old dentures.  I’m not a ‘New Yorker’ as you might think but I do have very strong views about this city, it’s residents and the surrounding ‘mis en scene’.  Whether I like it or not,  despite all the city has to offer and regardless of the great amount of respect I have for it… two components that are inextricably linked to life here are THE HAMPTONS and BON JOVI.   Stop.  I know, you hate them both and so do I.  There two experiences I know less about and could care less about than ‘Summering in The Hamptons’ or ‘Living on a Prayer with Bon Jovi’.   I did both this summer and I’m better because of it.  Great line in the NY Times Sunday Magazine today.  The article was a memoir about a recovering addict — who was a writer and  actually wrote the article.  Ohh yeah.. last line…”I now inhabit a life I do not deserve, but we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn’t end anytime soon.”  David Carr (2008)  Tell that to GREG NORMAN who is leading the British Open at 53 years old.


blogging on my phone f&$ck yeah!

The san Francisco airport sucks for most things unless you are in the international terminal where they have a great sushi spot. Lots of Japanese. But I’m in the cruddy American terminal about to get another delayed and ove sold flight but I’m alright wit it ciz I’m making a post on my phone. I also have a wired magazine in my bag. I’m such a tool.

Chicago…Chicago that tiny town

I love to travel just about anywhere in the world …except Chicago.  Maybe its the midwestern accents or possibly the lack of definition of exactly where the city stops or begins; It may also be the lack of people on the sidewalks or the abundance of cars on the highway but Chicago isn’t any fun.  Yes, I know that Wrigley Field is a monument and there is a long history of music roots in Jazz and Blues but those facets of the city seem to be lost on the people who live there.  Most Chicagoans – many of whom don’t actually live in the city – consider themselves culturally diversified but I find the opposite.  As far as I can see the only redeeming qualities of the city are hot dogs with poppy seed buns and This American Life and Coach Ditka. Rant over.