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In 1972 a young bass player named Tom Lieber set out from New York City to the Bay Area with the dream of building himself a bass like his hero Jack Cassidy played.  He never built that bass for himself. Instead he found himself a witness to one of the most important moments in rock’n roll history. In 2015 Tom built a run of exclusive custom guitars to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the one of the biggest and most influential rock bands of all-time; The Grateful Dead.  Like so many others he was unsuspecting when the bus came by, but he got on and that is where it all began.



A BROAD WAY (2006)

What would happen if you put a filmmaker on every block of Broadway from it’s Northern tip at 220th Street to Battery Park and documented all 12.4 miles of Manhattan for one hour, the exact same hour, through the lens of hundreds of film cameras?  A Broad Way is the first-ever massive collaborative documentary film about New York City.  I was issue the largest film permit in NYC history to empower filmmaker’s to tell their own story about New York City.   A Broad Way premiered at the ACE Film Festival. Created, Written & Directed by Robert Liano.

**WINNER** Best Documentary ACE Film Festival

A Broad Way from Robert Liano on Vimeo.



In 1998 my brother and I set out to capture a portrait of the vanishing American barber.  We figured there would be some funny jokes and a brief history lesson.  After a decade in live sports production this was my first experience in independent documentary film.  Meeting over 50 barbers in 27 states changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.  The wisdom and warmth of these men, mostly in their 80s, still humbles and inspires me to this day.  This was also the first production where I acted as DP and director.   Barberland premiered at The Rolling Rivers International Film Festival and is currently available on DVD.

Barberland from Robert Liano on Vimeo.


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