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Slab City, CA

INTO THE WILD might be the most influential film I’ve seen since DEAD POETS SOCIETY.  I know, the book was better, blah, blah.  The film is great and yes, I too hate Sean Penn.  Without a doubt the greatest location in the film was Slab City (near Niland, CA).  Assuming that Hollywood magic was responsible for the incredible vibe in the film I set out to visit this place.  Middle of no where.  In fact, I was driving 102mph on this two lane road through desert and I got pulled over. Figuring I was heading to jail I rolled down the window ‘fake crying’ only to find out that I had been pulled over by the border patrol search ‘zone two’ for immigrants. He checked my trunk for a little old mexican lady and let me go.  It was like the twilight zone.  I made to Slab City and I was astonished to find EVERY detail the same as in the movie.  For once…not let down by Hollywood, by hippies or by the desire to be inspired.  

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